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Guru Swami G's guidance for both those with awakened kundalini and for those seeking enlightenment. Description of signs and symptoms of kundalini awakening and descriptive stories of those going through the process.

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Thank You Message for Birthday 65

Thank You Message for Birthday 65

Thank you for all those who thought of me on this 65th B-day.



Another day is another opportunity for a fresh start with renewed determination. Who says you can't do it ? Let go of the negative mind spin and see it as nothing more but a tired old movie. Get really bored with it and don't give it so much importance.

Spend as many moments sitting in Quietude as possible. This can be done more often than one would think. Even it is only done for 3 seconds it is better than no seconds.

How is Quietude put into place ? Sit or stand. Let everything be Stopped and be Still.. Nothing in Motion EXCEPT for the balanced breath in a relaxed manner. Even the eyes should be STILL and not darting here nor there... Pick a point - allow the focus to rest there but draw the attention inwards so the eyes are seeing but not seeing... They may register what is external but the attention is not locked onto what is being seen. The attention is rather within the Heart Center Fully. There is nothing here and Now but Quietude - Fresh - Pure - and fully Available in ANY Moment...

Eventually will come a shift and Bliss will arise. Enjoy it....

OM Shanti

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Guru G is offering Counseling Sessions through Skype. Counseling covering Drug - Marriage - Spiritual or simply Life Coaching. This invaluable service may move your life forward in immense ways IF you are genuinely ready to make changes to go forward to Wholeness. Click here for complete details.

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Break the chains and discover the freedom that comes when one reaches their opitmum balance point. Discover the Freedom that comes when one reaches their optimum balance point.

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Sacred Spaces for Balanced Living is all about creating the external space that compliments, enhances or works to actively change your inner space.
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